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Six Hair Removal Methods

Six Hair Removal Methods

8. October 2019

The hairs on the body are natural, but the desire for beauty seems even more natural. We have already found that epilation is more durable than simple shaving. Is there a method that is fast, painless, unpretentious and does not need to be repeated frequently? Choose.

Diode laser epilation

Modern technology that aims deeper – to remove the follicle in its growth phase, thereby destroying it for good and thus treating it permanently. The procedure is effective and painless. As it is a long-term solution with advanced technology, it is also more expensive. The laser does not work on hairs devoid of melanin (a natural pigment), so it combines with another technique, such as a needle.

Needle (electrolysis)

An effective method because a small electrical pulse destroys a complete hair follicle that never grows back. In addition, electrolysis also works on very light hair without pigment. Worse, the needle can only be used on individual hairs, which is a bit lengthy and does not pay off for larger body areas. If you twist the needle, know that today’s method is completely painless.

Wax removal

The wax is both safe and proven. The hair is removed completely with the follicle, so this method does not need to be performed frequently. Best of all, you can wrap a really large body area at once with this technique. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it is not completely painless, the skin for stripping wax may sometimes not respond well and is not a permanent solution.


Very ancient and homemade method (you can easily make a wax-like material at home. You just need sugar, salt, lemon, or other juice). This is a wax-like technique, you can try it if you don’t want to visit the salons. However, this is certainly not a perfect solution, as you can gently peel off the particles of the upper skin layer.

Depilatory cream

A simple tube solution that suits today’s fast tube. The cream destroys the hair biochemically – the hair dissolves. Over time, the hairs may start to reappear. The solution is painless. However, people with sensitive skin should be careful – various unwanted reactions may occur. Creams are sold in very different quality and in very different price ranges.

Plucking hairs.

Mostly you are using tweezers, but you can also use twisted threads. This is a slow, not painless method, which is popular for its extreme simplicity. However, it is not always possible to pull the hair out properly, and with non-sterile tweezers you can cause local skin problems.

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