Facial treatments for women

Facial hair may appear due to various hormonal changes in the woman body. It is nothing unusual and can be treated effectively.
During the procedure we can concentrate on any facial part. Check out our most popular facial treatments for ladies:

Laser hair reduction of upper lip

Diode laser hair removal is a really quick way to get rid of undesired hair above the lips. As it is a tiny area, the procedure takes only a few minutes.

Laser hair reduction of chin

Our treatment is suitable for each skin type and hair color so it helps really efficiently. Besides the hair reduction you can also enjoy a tighter and cleaner skin.

Shaping of the eyebrows

Eyebrows: such a tiny detail that can transform your whole look. The bottom line to reach perfection is respecting its natural shape. Waxing is a perfect solution for that, which is why we chose to use it at Hairless. We use special film wax for eyebrows, as it is ideal for thin and sensitive skin, plus it’s almost painless.

If you want to achieve an absolutely flawless shape, you should try threading. An antibacterial thread removes even the softest, tiniest hairs.

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