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Do hairs grow back into your skin? An electric needle is an elegant solution

Do hairs grow back into your skin? An electric needle is an elegant solution

5. November 2019

What is overgrown (or ingrown) hair? It is a hair that, for some reason, does not grow properly in height, but twisted and grew back into the skin.

Or a hair that is so weak that it could not grow out of the skin and instead remained under the skin where it can twist in a tiny loop. In this case, one can observe dark red lumps on her body with miniature inflammations and pus. It is not as dangerous as previously unpleasant.

How do overgrown hairs develop? For example, incorrect shaving. Or perhaps with excessive sweating or even wearing tight trousers. If the hair follicle is clogged with dead cells, the hair does not grow properly. People with denser, stronger and more curly hairs are more prone to such overgrowth. Men suffer chin, women more legs or armpits.

The worst thing you can do is go for it with tweezers – it can lead to minor infection or scarring. No dermatologist is likely to recommend “strength solutions”. On the Internet after a while of googling you will find many homemade recipes – alcohol, hot packs, steam, or even ideas with milk or eggs. Cosmetics companies will offer creams and disinfectants.

We at Hairless offer you the most effective technique that ever exists – laser hair removal. But in some local cases, even a laser is not enough and an electric needle, electrolysis, has to come into play. It is great in that it perfectly and permanently removes individual hairs. It may be a little harder than wax, but it is a highly effective and painless solution.

The needle proceeds exactly the opposite of the razor blade. The razor blade just cuts or even changes its angle so that it starts to grow back into the skin. Needle measures under the skin, on the root, hair follicle. The razor blade causes the problem, the needle solves it.

Ingrown hair is basically a health problem, it should be noted. Beauty and health are closely related. Whatever you are interested in, don’t be afraid to ask us!

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