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Diode Laser or IPL. Is there any difference?

Diode Laser or IPL. Is there any difference?

15. October 2019

While working in the salon, we find that some clients do not distinguish between the diode laser we use and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) technology. But the difference here is quite substantial.

First, IPL is not a laser, but a xenon lamp. It produces a wide range of colors and wavelengths. The diode laser operates only in the red color spectrum and its wavelength is adapted for hair removal.

If you don’t understand it, don’t worry – most people haven’t studied physics. Just imagine IPL as a wide-beam bulb and a diode laser as a narrow beam of light. What does it mean? That the diode laser only hits what it needs – the pigment (melanin) in the hair root, while IPL also affects the surrounding skin. The first point for the diode laser.

An important difference is that IPL does not have a deeper effect in the skin, while a laser does – it targets the hair follicle deep under the skin. It is therefore more efficient than IPL.

Another advantage of the diode laser – there is no risk of burns when using it, while using the IPL the operator must be more careful not to burn the client. And after the IPL treatment, the treated area is visibly more sensitive.

IPL procedures are needed more than laser (about a third), which is the fourth positive in favor of diode technology. Well, a fundamental fifth advantage of the diode laser – its effect is really long-lasting. After a few months of IPL treatment, the hairs start to grow again.

The IPL device is cheaper and therefore the procedure can be cheaper with it. But the fact that over time you need it again does not make it a cheaper option in the long run. Does IPL have any benefits at all? Yes, it does. It is good if for some reason you do not want to remove the entire crop on the body, but only reduce its density. IPL is also used in medicine (for example, in eye treatments, acne or skin rejuvenation).

The difference between two hair removal technologies is well illustrated, for example here.

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