Body treatments for women

Ladies usually focus much on hair removal – and that can be time-consuming and painful. Removing all visible hair with laser means a comfortable and long-lasting solution, causing no skin irritation.
During the procedure we can concentrate at any part of the body. Check out our most popular body treatments for ladies:

Laser hair reduction of armpits

As the skin is really thin here, black spots may appear soon after shaving. Not to mention skin irritation which may be really serious in this part of the body. Using diode laser not only removes hair but also makes the skin smoother.

Laser hair reduction of legs

Legs are the largest area that ladies need to pay attention to. Diode laser hair removal is really effective here and has beneficial effects on the skin.

Laser hair reduction of bikini

Generally the most problematic part of the body as the common ways of hair removal may be really demanding here. Our treatments don’t hurt and can be adjusted to your preferences, whether you prefer a complete hair removal or just particular areas.

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