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About us

Our story

Hairless is the place of comfort and beauty. Our mission is to achieve the maximum result in hair removal. Our team will always treat every case an individual case and with the utmost care.

What we love is you leaving with a smile, we are on this hair free journey together!

Our team

We value teamwork and cooperation. Exchanging information and learning from each other is what we do on a daily base. Our clients are cared for by trained professionals to make sure that the quality of services is consistent.

Our instruments

Diode laser

We use the golden standard in hair reduction – the diode laser. Our procedures are painless and absolutely safe as the laser light aims straight to the follicle without heating the skin.

The diode laser light destroys directly the root of the hair, the skin is not targeted at all. The instrument works at ideal frequency 808 nm and is cooled by water to prevent overheating.

Electric needle

Electric needle is used to complete the process of hair reduction. It is applied on hair which is left after the diode laser. So you can enjoy a perfectly smooth skin!